Wedding Packages

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Superb Wedding Packages

WOW Hair & Body Care can help you create a unique look for you and your bridal party on your wedding day. We offer complimentary bagels, orange juice and champagne for wedding parties of 6 or more. There is a deposit fee of $10 per person.

With decades of experience, WOW Hair & Body Care can handle all your needs. Give us a call for your FREE consultation or stop by today.

Wedding Day Services

  • Updos and creative styling: $40+ per person
  • Makeup application: $25
  • Makeup with false lashes: $33
  • Air brush makeup: $40
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Please Fill Out Your Reservation Form

In the form below, please provide details regarding the bride and an itemized list of each girl and what services they want done. Please also include all participants' names. If there are 6 or more participants, please specify the beverages (juice or champagne) and bagels they would like.

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